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egx2016-logoWell what a fantastic first day at the EGX at the NEC today. After collecting our press passes we walked around the whole of the venue first to get an idea of layout and what was on offer. At the start is the Rezzed Zone, then Zone 1 through to Zone 3 which housed the 18+ games.

VIVID Gamer Lounge – Virgin Media

What will without doubt be one of the most popular events is the VIVID Gamer Lounge. Virgin Media are running daily competitions for 3 person strike teams on a time trial playing the Wretched Eye Strike from Destiny – Rise Of Iron , the fastest 3 man strike team each day will each win a new PS4, Destiny – Rise Of Iron and a 12 month subscription to their Vivid Gamer 200 Broadband Package. Needless to say the queues for this were just never ending and the virgin team managed the grouping brilliantly.



EA – Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4

The EA section in Zone 3 over 18s section, even though we were early it was still quite busy with the early starters before the main crowds started to arrive. Here you could try out beta copies of Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1 and Gears of War 4.


Arranged into rows of 10 for PS4 and Xbox 1, players could try the game on their console choice with a map over a 7 minute play period. EA had to keep this short due to the amount of players that wanted to try the game each day but it was worth the wait as all would agree. The Battlefield 1 section was similar with 11 screens per row one for PS4 and the other for XBOX 1 but with 10 minute play time with Capture the Flag and Conquest game modes. All running at 1080 res.


The gameplay just looked totally amazing and combined with the sound effects Battlefield 1 is going to be a winner. We spoke with the EA rep at the zone who explained that EA access to Battlefield 1 will be on 13 October 2016 with an early lister edition on the 18th October for digital download. Global released is scheduled for 21 October 2016.


Gears of War 4 was running a Beta pre release version new Xbox 1S at 1080p 60PFS running in 4K. On the XB players were trying out the Hoard Mode and on the PC version they tried Campaign. everyone was pretty impressed with all the games on demo.

Activision COD Infinite Warfare & COD Modern Warfare Remastered

Well just where to start. We were given special access to this area to look at the Infinite Warfare and what it brought forward, the gameplay looked good. There were 30 Playstation terminals running IW and they were always full running a beta version of the game at 1080p. Maps shown were Terminal, Frost, Throwback, Breakout and Frontier.


Once the players finished with that they then moved over to try the MW Remastered which had a further 30 terminals, and the remastering has been excellent the game looks fantastic.



However, we have it on good authority from the Activision rep that COD MW Remastered will not be shipping separately as some net rumors are stating but will only be shipped with the legacy edition of IW on the 4th November.

Bandai Namco – Little Nightmares


One of the big games for 2017 has to be Little Nightmares by Bandai Namco. They had by far one of the best stands at EGX and their characterisation costumes were first class. The game centers around a character named 6 who you have to steer through the Maw to escape with only a light. The game play for this is just so addictive that we played for some time early afternoon. The concept and graphic immersion is so good this game is going to be a real hit. It has already won the Best Indie Game at the Gamescom in August. It is due for release in spring of 2017. We will bring a full game review once it is released.



Develop Session – The Evolution of OddWorld Game Design

One of the great feature about EGX is the develop session where you can hear from the guys themselves that design and craft these great games, it gives you great insight into the planning and development of a game from start through to eventual release. We attended one that looked at the the game ‘OddWorld’ and how it has now grown to its sequel release of ‘New & Tasty’ to ‘Soulstorm’ which will feature the lovable character Abe.




There is so much going on at EGX until 25th September that you will be spoilt for choice. From the competitions, developer session, gaming experiences and merchandise stalls. Each year the event just gets bigger and bigger but so does the demand for tickets and they sell out quickly so be quick.